Our History

Medexus is born.

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Medexus receives Health Canada approval for Prosorba Column (Apheresis) for treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Medexus licenses the Magic Bullet bisocodyl suppository, indicated for bowel care.

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Health Canada approval and commercialization of Calcia® Calcium. Indicated to help maintain healthy bones.The number 1 selling calcium/vitamin D supplement in the world.

Medexus licenses Hyalgan (Hyaluronic Acid). Indicated for Osteoarthritis of the knee (Viscosupplementation).

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Medexus licenses Oral Methotrexate 10mg, indicated for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Health Canada approval and launch of Metoject® 10mg/ml (prefilled syringes of methotrexate), indicated for Rheumatoid rthritis, Psoriasis/Psoriatic Arthritis. Metoject® offers safety, efficacy and convenience over vials and manually compounded syringes.

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" This 6‐month prospective, randomized, controlled trial is the first to examine oral versus SC administration of MTX. We found that SC administration was significantly more effective than oral administration of the same MTX dosage "

Health Canada approval and commercialization of Tricovel® indicated for telogen effluvium (short term hair loss due to stress medications hormones) Tricovel® is the number 1 selling product in Europe.

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CRA partner.

ORA partner

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AMRQ partner

OBRI partner

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CATCH partner.

Health Canada approval and commercialization of Oralvisc® Metabolic for joint pain in osteoarthritis. Oralvisc® is clinically proven to reduce leptin, reduce joint pain and improve joint function.

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Health Canada approval and Launch of Metoject® Subcutaneous 50mg/ml (prefilled syringes of methotrexate). The first and only parenteral methotrexate approved by Health Canada for subcutaneous injection.

OPA Medexus sponsors and takes part in the Ontario Pharmacist Association Meeting.

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CPA Medexus sponsors and takes part in the Canadian Pharmacist Association Meeting.

Triamcinolone Hexacetonide (TH) Injectable Suspension is a synthetic corticosteroid indicated for intraarticular, intrasynovial, or periarticular use in adults and adolescents for the symptomatic treatment of subacute and chronic inflammatory joint diseases.

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Health Canada approval and commercialization of Ironone®.

Health Canada approval and commercialization ofMulti-Gyn®.

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