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Oralvisc® is new and clinically proven for the improvement of joint discomfort in metabolic Osteoarthritis. Oralvisc® consists of a proprietary ingredient HA Leptin which: lowers leptin levels, reduces inflammation, reduces joint discomfort and improves joint mobility.


Oralvisc® Metabolicuses a triple action effect to:

Decrease joint pain
Support joint health
Improve joint function

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Oralvisc improves joint health in overweight people

  • Oralvisc Metabolic is a patented formula containing a unique ingredient HA Leptin, which helps to improve joint function in osteoarthritis
  • Oralvisc Metabolic is clinically proven to decrease joint pain and improve joint function
  • After using Oralvisc Metabolic, improvement can be seen as early as 2 months
  • Oralvisc only needs to be taken once a day