Metoject (pre-filled syringes of methotrexate), is the new and improved gold standard for rheumatoid arthritis therapy, either alone or in combination. Metoject provides patients with a safer and more convenient way to take the injectable methotrexate.

Metoject is registered for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and is available in five different doses: 7.5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 20mg, 25mg. Your doctor will choose the correct dose for you.

The active ingredient of Metoject is methotrexate (MTX). Methotrexate is a very well-known disease modifying antirheumatic drug (DMARD). It relieves the pain associated with joint inflammation and/or psoriasis and helps to prevent this inflammation. Methotrexate also helps prevent joint damage which can occure from RA. In these autoimmune diseases, the immune system is too active and mistakenly attacks the own body. Methotrexate can help to slow down the effects of an over-stimulated immune system and thus to control disease activity.

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Why Choose Syringes Over Vials?

   Metoject is Safe:

  • The pre-filled syringes prevent additional contact with the cytostatic solution.
  • The backstop avoids accidental removal of the plunger. Thus, the risk to spill solution is minimized.
  • Due to the precise pre-filled dosages and a clear colour-code matching of backstop ends and outer package dosage code, overdoses can be prevented.

   Metoject is Easy to Handle

  • The syringes are ready to use
  • The syringe shape is specially designed (short and fat syringe body, “wings”) for arthritic hands to handle.
  • All conventional dosages are available

   Metoject is Stable

  • The shelf life is 2 years
  • Syringes are stored at room temperature

In contrast to conventional self-prepared syringes, Metoject syringes disburden medical professionals and facilitate the everyday life of patients.

   Physician Information

Metoject, pre-filled syringe methotrexate- Safe, Effective and Convenient. Injectable methotrexate is the gold standard in the treatment of inflammatory joint diseases and also in the treatment of severe forms of psoriasis. It has an early onset of action compared with other DMARDs and the best retention rate of all DMARDS.

Injectable methotrexate has enhanced bioavailability compared to oral applications. It has proven efficacy and less GI side effects with administration. It may obviate the necessity for anti-TNF treatment.

Metoject offers safety in exact sterile dosing. A small variance in withdrawing from a vial into a syringe can result in a dose variance of 5mg which has significant therapeutic differences.

Metoject offers savings of time and costs for the patient and medical Staff.

  • Less expenditure of time for the patient and medical staff to carry out the weekly injection
  • No further devices are needed, thus there are less costs for syringe preparation and personnel expenses.
  • The patients has to pay less for transportation to and from the doctor
  • From the socio economic point of view less costs emerge from patients absence from work and costs for weekly visits to physician.

Metoject syringes enable:

  • The possibility of independence as the inject can be given by patients themselves or by family members at home (without having to withdraw from a syringe).
  • More convenience and flexibility as not special syringe-preparations or storage conditions are necessary
  • A reduction of anxiety and refusal of an injection as Metoject was designed for safety and ease.

Patient Information:

   What should you consider while taking Metoject?

Methotrexate and thus Metoject® 10mg/ml is only available on prescription and must be used carefully. Please bear in mind that in contrast to many other drugs methotrexate is taken only once a week. Please do not change the dosage arbitrarily.

Your doctor will perform regular examinations including blood tests to control your disease and the effects of your therapy.

In addition, you can help to avoid side effects with methotrexate by not drinking alcohol while taking the drug.

Please make sure not to get pregnant while on methotrexate because the drug may harm your baby. Speak to your doctor as soon as possible if you are planning a family – also if you are male and take methotrexate! The drug has to be withdrawn several months before conception. Furthermore, methotrexate must not be taken if you are breast-feeding, as the agent is excreted in breast milk and may cause harm to your infant.

If all this is considered, methotrexate is a very effective and well tolerable drug for the treatment of inflammatory arthritis diseases and psoriasis.

   How is Metoject 10mg/ml taken?

Metoject® 10mg/ml is ready to use and is provided with an injection needle. Metoject® 10mg/ml can be injected intravenously (into a vein), intramuscularly (into a muscle, e.g. thigh). All three ways of injection are parenteral routes of administration, which means that the drug is taken up without passing the digestive tract. Your doctor will choose the appropriate route of administration for you. Please note that Metoject® 10mg/ml has to be taken only once a week on the same day.

But why should one use an injection instead of tablets? There are several advantages of parenterally administered methotrexate:

  1. The beneficial effect of methotrexate can occur earlier with parenteral administration. In general, a response to treatment with Metoject® 10mg/ml can be expected after 4 – 8 weeks in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and within 2 – 6 weeks in patients with psoriasis vulgaris and psoriatic arthritis.
  2. The drug bioavailability is high and reproducible. By taking methotrexate tablets, the concentration of methotrexate in the blood plasma varies highly between different patients and also in the same person from week to week. In contrast, the dose of parenterally administered methotrexate which reaches the blood circulation is constant and almost 100%.
  3. Drug side effects such as nausea or vomiting experienced with methotrexate tablets may disappear with parenteral administration. Therefore, higher dosages of methotrexate are usually better tolerated with parenteral administration.

   What should you consider when traveling with Metoject?

Please keep Metoject® 10mg/ml syringes with injection needles etc. in the closed original packaging (blister) and carry them in your hand luggage. Hereby, syringes can not be lost and you can control the storage temperature of > 0°C and < 25°C. Should the temperature rise above 25°C in the aircraft cabin, please ask a stewardess to put the syringes in a fridge on board.

If you plan to travel to warmer areas, please consider to carry a small cooling box for the transport from the airport to your hotel.

In case of unexpected elongation of your journey, please consider to take additional Metoject® 10mg/ml syringes with you.

Should you require any document to attest that you need Metoject® 10mg/ml syringes for your therapy when entering a foreign country, please find attached a certificate in English, Spanish, French, German and Turkish below. A completely filled out form should be accepted in most countries. Traveller’s certificate for patients carrying Metoject® 10mg/ml syringes on flights.

   How is Metoject injected?